The Story of Carbon

This is a condensed version of my blog The Carbon Pilgrim which ran from early 2012 to the end of 2015 and highlighted the many essential roles that carbon plays in life on Earth. The essay version here is a primer about carbon in all its glory — with photos! Its sole purpose is educational. Please share.


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“I rise in the morning torn

between a desire to improve

the world and a desire to

enjoy the world. This makes

it hard to plan the day.”

     - E.B. White


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  • Two Percent Solutions by Courtney White
  • The Age of Consequences by Courtney White
  • Grass, Soil, Hope by Courtney White
  • Revolution on the Range by Courtney White
  • Knowing Pecos by Courtney White
  • In the Land of the Delight Makers by Courtney White
  • The Indelible West by Courtney White

Here are two photos in a project I call This Moment In Time: Photographs


Forbidden Palace, Beijing, China                    Shop, Sydney Airport, Australia